Dutch to English Translation Services

You have a website or a company flier or advertising booklet, and you would like to have a version in English without any embarrassing spelling or grammatical errors.


You want to attract English-speaking clients with text that is more than simply correct -- you're looking for lively and original word usage, something that stands out, something that really only a native speaker could write.


You have a book or story that you'd like to submit for publication in English, and it is important to you that the tone is consistent, that it comes off as clever and articulate but still readable and accessible.

You value input from someone who dares to tell you, "I don't think you have defended this point as well as you should have" or "this section repeats many of the points you made in the last section -- wouldn't it be better to combine them?"

You sometimes struggle for an image that would work for an American reader, or wonder how you could introduce a topic in a new way, or realize that a section needs a good summary but you just don't feel like writing it yourself -- and you want to be able to ask someone else to help in writing these sections.


You have a thesis or technical work already in English, and you are confident about your usage of the specialized vocabulary in your field, but you need someone to review your work for mistakes that you may have overlooked, and to be sure that your points come across clearly.


Maybe I can help you?

My rates are:

0.10 € per word for basic translation from Dutch to English
0.12 € per word for translation from Dutch to English, with literary style and flare
0.15 € per word for translation, editing, and writing
30 € per hour for English editing, to whatever degree you request

These rates do not include BTW, which is an extra 21%. Word count is taken from the finished document. If you have a large project, we can always discuss discounts.

I prefer very much to work on projects that align with my own interests and principles. These include almost anything to do with health, wellness, spirituality, and the environment, but also cultural topics, biographies, and fiction are appealing. Sorry, I will absolutely not accept any work involving translations for tobacco companies, oil companies, the weapons industry, etc.

I also prefer not to make strictly literal translations (transcriptions) of longer texts because... well.... it feels icky. If you really want a cheap translation, and you don't care that much whether it sounds like real English, you can use google translate or one of the quick services on the internet. For many applications, that is just fine. (I know my Dutch on this website is not perfect or fluent, but I'm not willing to pay someone to make it better, so it is what it is!)


Speciale aanbieding voor bedrijven en organisaties in de omgeving van Averbode: één pagina vertaling of redactiewerk helemaal gratis en vrijblijvend, als kennismaking! 


Writing: In addition to translation work, I have also written various things myself (from blog entries to short stories to a full length book, which I haven't published yet, but am planning to self-publish soon.) Here is a link to a sample chapter from my book....